Glossary of Terms


You can save the contents of files, URLs, and notions as Knowledge to be reflected in Kompas AI answers. Knowledge is divided into two types: Private Knowledge and Team Knowledge

  • Private Knowledge: Private Knowledge is created by uploading files and URLs in the chatbot conversation process. You can upload it to Team Knowledge from the chatbot info screen

  • Team Knowledge: You can upload files, URLs, and notions in Bot Management to share with team members


Within Kompas AI, you can create a space where you can use different bots. For example, you can set up a space for your accounting, a space for your personal use, etc.


Bot is used for chatbot, you can set up prompts, google search integration, LLM model. You can also set up Team Knowledge and use it with team members


LLM is a neural network model architecture based on a specific component called a transformer. The transformer technology was first developed by Google in 2017 and has been the subject of intensive research and development ever since. LLM works by examining vast amounts of text, identifying how words relate to each other, and building a model that can reproduce similar text. Importantly, it doesn't 'look up' answers when asked a question; rather, it generates a sequence of words by predicting which words will best follow, taking into account the wider context of previous words. In essence, it provides a 'common sense' answer to a question. The most powerful LLMs have demonstrated the ability to generate largely accurate answers to a surprisingly wide range of tasks, but there is no guarantee of the factual accuracy of these answers