Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kompas AI compare to ChatGPT Pro?

Kompas AI supera a ChatGPT Pro en velocidad de respuesta, utilizando el servicio OpenAI de Microsoft Azure. Admite la búsqueda de Google, tiene uso ilimitado de GPT-4. Kompas AI prioriza la privacidad de los datos, no utiliza datos de los clientes y tiene funciones como gestión de equipos y facturación central. ChatGPT Pro tiene una velocidad de respuesta estándar, uso restringido de GPT-4, integración limitada de Bing y no tiene estas funciones de administración. Kompas AI se recomienda para uso profesional, mientras que ChatGPT Pro es más adecuado para uso personal

Who should use Kompas AI?

Kompas AI is designed for professionals and teams across diverse business sectors who are looking to enhance productivity and engagement. It's not only great for individuals but also for team collaboration, making it a go-to tool for leaders, sales people, consultants, engineers, and support staff. Check our use case page for more details

Is there a free trial for Kompas AI?

Yes, Kompas AI offers a free trial that allows you to use the Pro version for 10 days. you don't need to provide card details when signing up for Kompas AI. Payment details are required only after the free trial ends, if you choose a paid plan. Check our pricing page for more details on this free trial

Do you use my conversation for AI training?

No, Kompas AI is committed to privacy and does not use your content or AI conversations for training the AI. This is a key aspect that sets us apart from services like ChatGPT or BARD, which might use your data for model training and could potentially expose your important and sensitive information

Can I use Kompas AI on various devices?

Yes, Kompas AI works across different platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. With our cloud synchronization, your data is always up-to-date across all platforms. Just log into the same account on all devices for consistent performance and uninterrupted service

Will Kompas AI solve all my issues?

Kompas AI is an advanced tool designed to assist and enhance your productivity. However, like any tool, it may not always provide perfect results. While it continually improves, it's crucial that users apply their own critical thinking when interpreting and using its outputs. Don't solely rely on the tool; instead, use it as a powerful aid to supplement your own expertise and judgement

Which AI model does Kompas AI use?

Kompas AI utilise principalement les modèles gpt-4-turbo, gpt-4-vision et gpt-3.5-turbo, mais il prend également en charge d'autres modèles tels que Gemini, Claude 2 et des modèles open-source. Notamment, Kompas AI dispose d'une fenêtre contextuelle plus grande, utilisant une fenêtre contextuelle de 128k tokens qui lui permet de se souvenir jusqu'à 512,000 caractères de conversations passées pour des tâches plus complexes.

Is my data safe with Kompas AI?

Kompas AI prioritizes data security. Your files are protected with strong encryption, and data in transit is safeguarded. Unused data is regularly removed from the system

How is GPT-4 different from GPT-3.5?

Both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 are advanced AI tools, but GPT-4 represents a significant leap in comprehension, knowledge, and reasoning over GPT-3.5. While GPT-4 is smarter, it also requires more computational resources, which makes it more expensive and GPT-3.5 faster in comparison. For everyday conversations and responses, GPT-3.5 is often more than sufficient and more cost-effective

Can I integrate my existing language models with Kompas AI?

Yes. Kompas AI is designed to leverage and integrate with your existing investments in Azure OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, or open-source models. This allows you to maximize the value of your current resources

What happens when my free Kompas AI trial ends?

After the trial, you'll be moved to our free plan if you take no action. To stay on a paid plan, you'll need to enter payment details and confirm

How can I cancel my Kompas AI subscription?

You can cancel your Kompas AI subscription anytime without trouble. We aim to make the process easy and satisfying for you

Does Kompas AI sell or share my data?

No, Kompas AI never sells or shares user data. Your data privacy is a top concern

How does Kompas AI protect my privacy and intellectual property?

Kompas AI respects your privacy and doesn't claim ownership of your content. Your content and AI interactions are not used for training the AI Model

What languages does Kompas AI support?

Kompas AI supports over 100 languages, making it a highly versatile tool for diverse user bases globally. This extensive language support is integrated into its Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text capabilities, ensuring that users can efficiently use Kompas AI regardless of their native language

Can I fine-tune LLM models with Kompas AI?

Yes, Kompas AI empowers users with the ability to fine-tune LLM models. Our user-friendly assistant tool enables effortless customization of the AI model, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your specific requirements

Can I share a Kompas AI chatbot I've customized with my team mates while ensuring privacy?

Yes. Kompas AI enables you to create a custom chatbot based on your knowledge and share it with your team mates. While each team mate can leverage the chatbot for various tasks, it's important to note that privacy is maintained. All conversations with the chatbot are confidential. Neither you nor your team mates have access to each other's personal interactions with the chatbot. This allows for a secure, shared use of knowledge while preserving individual privacy

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